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attachments type description
input & running Reads in a file in table format and creates a data frame with the same number of rows as there are lines in the file, and the same number of variables as there are fields in the file. Variables whose names begin with a capital letter are converted to factors.
input & running ASReml estimates variance components under a general linear mixed model by residual maximum likelihood (REML).
input & running Return a constraints matrix that sets variance parameter constraints for asreml().
documentation Returns version details of the ASReml functions and compiled code.
input & running Calculates an inverse relationship matrix in sparse form from a pedigree data frame.
input & running Creates a univariate data frame from a multivariate stype data frame.
post processing A method for the generic function predict for objects of class asreml. Forms a linear function of the vector of fixed and random effects in the linear model to obtain an estimated or predicted value.
post processing This is a method for the function coef() for objects inheriting from class asreml. See coef() for the general behavior of this function.
post processing Calculates the empirical variogram from regular or irregular two dimensional data.
input & running Set various constants and additional arguments for asreml.