Download file Platform OS type Versionsort icon Dependencies Build OS Build date
Linux Both 1.3 ASReml-R, R/qtl, lattice Windows 7 Fri, 08/10/2012
Windows Both 1.3 ASreml-R, R/qtl, lattice Windows 7 Fri, 08/10/2012
Linux Both 1.4-6 qtl; lattice Windows 7 Tue, 02/03/2015
Windows Both 1.4-6 qtl; lattice Windows 7 Tue, 02/03/2015

The 1.4-x version of wgaim is here in all its glory. This version contains a vignette or PDF manual which is available by navigating to the "doc" directory of the package using the path generated by

> system.file("doc", package = "wgaim")

It contains a complete walk through for a successful wgaim analysis and has two thorough examples using phenotypic and genotypic data contained within the package. The help files and the vignette form the manual for the package and users should read and understand these before attempting their own QTL analysis.

The package has now started release notes as part of its documentation. They can be found using the command

> news(package = "wgaim")

If any bugs are found do not hesitate to berate the author.


A small description of what the package does. The package integrates sophisticated mixed modelling methods with a whole genome approach to detecting significant QTL's in linkage maps. Further information about the methodology can be found in the papers:

Verbyla, A. P., Cullis, B. R., Thompson, R (2007). The analysis of QTL by simultaneous use of the full linkage map. Theoretical And Applied Genetics, 116, 95-111.

Taylor, J. & Verbyla, A. (2011) R Package wgaim: QTL Analysis in Bi-Parental Populations Using Linear Mixed Models Journal of Statistical Software, 40.

Verbyla, A. P.,Taylor, J. D. & Verbyla, K. L (2012). RWGAIM: An efficient high dimensional random whole genome average (QTL) interval mapping approach, Genetics Research. Submitted.

This package depends on the R/qtl package which can be downloaded from